Good News!

In my last post I said that I was pretty sure I wasn't going to get a letter from Lette Verein,.. but miraculously I received one yesterday, very very late, but I"M ACCEPTED!!! YAYYYY!! I'm so happy and excited to start. I will be doing a preparation sewing course for a week before school begins and then I'll be starting the official classes on August 6th! :D EEEEEEP! There is also a trip to Paris in March that I'll be going on!

Oh and also I forgot to mention that I confirmed that I'm going to that horse farm in Sweden this summer! Plane tickets already bought :)

Besides that I don't have much to say, except that I really want these leggings from Lovelysally to wear to the Fusion Festival (and in general):

Aren't they amazinggg??

I haven't taken any pictures of myself lately so here's some from summer 2010 when I had shorter hair (but longer than my shortest hair ever):

I hope you are having nice weather and moods and food wherever you are :3


Hairs + Stuff


Last Wednesday I went to my first horsebackriding lesson in years! I bought a Groupon thing thing to take lessons at a hunter riding school here in Berlin (well in Gatow, which is a very far away part of Berlin, it takes me an hour to get there). I haven't really ever done any disciplined riding like that before, so it's quite difficult, but really fun! My thighs are still sooo sore. The horses they have there are gorgeous, all super well trained American Thoroughbreds. I think I will learn a lot there and I'm really looking forward to eventually learning jumping!

Update on my application to Lette Verein.. I'm about 90% sure I didn't get in :'( They sent out the acceptance letters last week, so if you don't get a letter, then you know you didn't get in.. and I haven't got one. I guess its possible that the mail is just taking forever, but unlikely. I'm pretty crushed, I really really wanted that.

And last of all, I just thought I'd share one of my little tips with you. I only wash my hair about every 4 days (sometimes longer), but I have found some ways to style my hair that I think look really good even when its super greasy. Ick. Hahah ^__^ Here are some pictures (I did this last night):

That is all. Tschüßii♥


Sarah's Visit!

Sarah and I had a really wonderful time in the last week! We did sooo much, I really don't think I have ever done so many things in so little time before. The first day that she was here we went to the Hackescher Markt to go clothes shopping, because her luggage was lost so she needed to buy a lot of stuff. That evening we went to K17, which is a club in Friedrichshain, and it was a goth/metal/alternative night so it was pretty awesome.. we met some nice people and it was cool to see another side of Berlin (since we only really go to electro parties). After that we went to a really cool viking-themed bar where you could get mead and we hung out with the people working there until the wee hours of the night ^^
On the second day we explored more of the area around the Eberswalderstr. and Schönhauserallee. We went to a couple different places but at the end of the night we ended up at White Trash Fast Food, which is a club/restaurant and one of the coolest places I've ever been to. There were also some norwegian guys there (a bachelor party) who bought us drinks and we talked with them for a really long time. It was really fun ^__^
On Sunday we of course went to the Flohmarkt am Mauerpark (the fleamarket) and that was really nice too!
On Monday we did a day trip to Pirna and the Sächsische Schweiz, a little town and national park south of Dresden. It was absolutely gorgeous but getting home was super annoying.. the trains were all so messed up, we ended up being stranded in Leipzig in the middle of the night and Jakob's dad had to pick us up. Oh well.
Aaand for the last morning we walked around the Kollwitzplatz and had a wonderful lunch of Tapas!
It was so nice.

We took sooo many pictures, if you are interested in seeing more just check my Tumblr (under the art+photos link) or Facebook over the next few days!

Pirna, Deutschland


Plans, Plans, Plans

I know that posting about something that hasn't happened yet isn't that exciting but I'm so excited about some stuff so I'll post it anyways. ^^

First of all my sister Sarah is coming to visit me tomorrow! I haven't seen any of my family members in 16.5 months. So it will be really amazing to see her and show her around Berlin! We will definitely take tons of pictures so I'll probably do a multiple-part post on her visit. She's going to be here from Friday until Tuesday. I might not be posting anything in that time, but be patient, because there will be lots to tell I'm sure!

The second thing I'm excited about is getting my (hopefully acceptance) letter from Lette Verein. If you didn't read my Tumblr posts about this before, a quick overview: I applied to the Fashion Design program at Lette Verein and was invited to the entrance test which I did last week, and now I'm waiting for the final yes or no answer! I am so nervous. I really want to go there more than anywhere else.

The last thing is, I just joined and paid for my membership to WWOOF Sweden, and I contacted a farm about working there this summer. I really want to work at the Ramshyttan Horse Farm more than anywhere else because they have Friesian horses and it would be my dream come true to ride and work with Friesians. I really hope they write back to me and say I can work there! Here are some pictures from their site (and now you will understand why Friesians are my favorite horses ever ever ever):

If I don't get to work there though I have a couple other choices, so I will definitely be working on a farm this summer! I can't wait. I really miss nature and physical labor.

Tschüßiii ♥


Sometime Last Week

 Last week Jakob and I hung out with Ludwig for a while and I can't really remember anything specific but there were some pictures on my camera so I thought I would share some ^^ The first two are on the hill in the Friedrichshain park, we went there and just walked to the top of the hill because we heard some music coming from there, but it wasnt really so good so we just went down the hill a bit and sat there.  The second two pictures are at one of our favorite Falafel places in Prenzlauer Berg. Its called Falafel Daye and its sooo good.  It was such a beautiful day ♥

I really like my hair in this style.. ^___^

Top- made by me
Skirt- Ebay
Shoes- Vagabond
Sunglasses- Ludwig's

New Blog! Hello and Welcome ^^

I've been looking for something to do besides Tumblr so I thought I would give this a try. I've never really done any text-heavy blogging before so it's kind of an experiement,we'll see how it goes. 
Oh by the way if you didn't know, my name is Sonja, I'm 19, American, and I live in Berlin. 
So today I woke up at about 10am, and since Jakob (my boyfriend) was still sleeping I decided to take some pictures and work on the layout for this blog! I don't really know if I'm happy with it yet but it's good enough for now I think. It took me so long just to figure out the basics of Blogger T__T
Here is today's outfit, although I will probably change it a little before I leave to go babysit.. Today I am taking T. (the little girl who I take care of, her brother we shall call A.) to her little music class. I do that every Monday now ^^

Top- Ebay
Skirt- Made by me :)
Shoes- Jeffrey Campbell