I am sooo lazy lately! At least when it comes to taking pictures/blogging/whatever. I have been quite active on Pinterest though, I just started an account and it's so great. I love it a lot.

Pretty much every day all day I've been babysitting and running errands in preparation for Lette Verein. I can't believe it's already starting next week.. well the Vorbereitungskurs is next week (prepatory course), and the normal school starts on the 6th. IT'S SO SOON!

Today is my brother's birthday, (Griffin), he turned 16 today, oh my gosh, WHAT!

Aaand that's all I have for you. I'm so boring T__T sorryyy...


Hello There

Since I got back from Sweden things have been very different.. things are changing. It feels like everything is changing. In the past week I have had some of the worst days of my life, but also I've been so much happier than I have in a while. 

Change is really hard but sometimes it's necessary.

I'm really excited to start school at Lette Verein.
I'm worried about money because I won't be able to work. 
I think I have never felt so good about my body.. it's crazy what 10 days of hard work can do!

I hope so much that things will turn out okay. 
Everything has been so unsure, but for some reason I feel like it will turn out well.


Back Home

I kinda gave up on writing for my last few days in Ramshyttan. But they were actually some of the most exciting ones! On Wednesday I went with the other two girls to a tiny little island in the middle of the lake, we took two canoes and we stayed the night. There was a little wooden shelter with 3 sides, so one side open, and it was really fun to stay there. We had tons of delicious food, like campfire roasted vegetables and halloumi and fish and it was sooo good. But I think the best part was the wild blueberries. We took the canoe to the other side of the lake and found tons and tons of wild blueberries, which we mixed with honey, and it was amazing. But my favorite part of our little excursion was when I woke up around midnight, walked out for a bit, and saw this gorgeous orange glowing stripe on the horizon- we were far enough north that even at midnight you could still see the sunset! It was probably one of the most amazing things I've ever seen...

On Thursday evening we spent about 2-3 hours preparing a Hare Krishna meal. We each made a separate dish. I made an apple-pear chutney, and the others made Palak Paneer (with cheese that we also made ourselves), a vegetable yogurt spice dish, and rice. It was probably one of the most delicious meals I've ever had, and I can't believe I helped to make it! Yum yum yum. I highly recommend looking into some Hare Krishna recipes.

On Friday morning I went to Örebro, where I spent a few hours wandering around and shopping at the amazing stores (seriously, its this quite tiny city but the stores are SO COOL next time I'm in Sweden I'm just going to buy all my clothes for the year.. ahhhh!!), and then I got on the train to Eskilstuna, and then took the bus to the airport! So I got home on Friday night.

So that was my trip! I'm so happy I had the opportunity to do this. It was such a great experience and I really hope that I can go there again, maybe next fall.

Here are the last pictures, which I took in Örebro:


Ramshyttan Day 7

Sorry I didn't post anything last night! It's been a little cold and rainy so I haven't been taking any pictures, and I haven't been able to go riding again :( But it's still been very nice. We have been working more on the house, taking down wallpaper and painting mostly. Yesterday two more woofers came (well one of them was here for two weeks already, then went to a music festival and came back with her friend). They are from  Australia, and have been traveling around Europe for a while. So now it's us 3 girls living at Grindtorp.

Today we are going to go look for mushrooms in the forest! I hope we find lots so we can have some for dinner.


Ramshyttan Day 5

Not much to tell, so here are some pictures from today!

Ramshyttan Day 4

I kinda failed at taking pictures of the horses, by the time I got around to it it was already too dark to get any good ones.. but here's a couple! This is Arion, the horse I rode yesterday. Today I rode Monadis, an Icelandic horse. I'd never ridden an Icelandic horse before. It was so easy and fun! She is very small compared to Arion but she is still really strong, and it feels very safe to ride her even going really fast. I rode bareback which was sooo fun. Marie rode Legolas, a 4 year old Friesian that she is still training. We went for a really long ride through the woods and it was so incredibly beautiful.. I can't even explain! It was amazing. 


Ramshyttan Day 3

 Ok I promise tomorrow there will be horse pictures! I am so exhausted right now so this is going to be short. Today I mowed in the morning and then spent the majority of the day on a little outing to collect beekeeping equipement. All of these pictures are from the place where we picked it up. When we got back in the early evening I went horsebackriding, which was absolutely amazing. I rode Arion, a huge Friesian, I'll take pictures of him tomorrow! It was really intense because he was quite restless and kept wanting to gallop  and eventually that happened and he was so fast, I really didn't expect that it would be like that! I felt like I was just flying through the forest. It was terrifying and exhilerating and perfect.


The Hunting Lodge

This is a hunting lodge that was built in 1734. Below are some pictures inside of it. There are tons of dead animals and antlers which is like being surrounded by death but it's kinda weird and cool I think because all of them were hunted hundreds of years ago...

Ramshyttan Day 2

This morning I went to Nora for a little while. Nora is the next "big" town, and they were having their yearly town festival where everyone has a stand to sell their things, like a big yard sale. So I looked around a bit and got some ice cream. 

After that I worked on taking down fences and cleaning out a house that is being renovated. It was really exhausting! Then later in the evening I went to go help give trouble horse his medicine. I haven't had a chance to take any pictures of the horses yet :( But here is my house and below the sign right by it, the house is called Grindtorp:

And here are just some random pictures from today:


Ramshyttan Day 1

I made it! This morning I flew all by myself from Schönefeld to Stockholm Skavsta, then took 2 buses, 2 trains, 1 more bus, and then Roland (one of the people who own the farm) came to pick me up from Nora and take me to the farm!

This place is seriously beautiful and amazing and aaaaah. First of all, its in this centuries old mining town and there is forest everywhere and a beautiful lake and tons of little rivers. The farm is actually just winding around in the tiny town of Ramshyttan, some of it is rolling hills of wild grass and lots of it is forest. There are tons of old buildings and I'm staying in one of them.. All by myself. I literally have an entire house to myself. YAYY!

The horses are absolutely gorgeous.. I mean I don't think I can imagine anything more beautiful then walking through a forest to find a huge beautiful Friesian just walking through the trees. The horses can roam through the forest and fields however they want. It's so perfect.

So far I've been given a tour of the area, which included this gigantic old water wheel thing that was HUGE and so cool, I will have to take pictures later!

This evening for dinner we had potatoes and fish with vegetables and then strawberries and honey on the comb. WAHHH SO GOOOD.

I haven't had the chance to take many pictures yet, so here are just a few from my way here:

You can kinda see how I cut my hair...

Oh and here is where I'm sleeping! The bed is soo compfy :3

Ok now I have to sleep because I have to get up early for breakfast and a long day of hard work.. I hope I won't be too exhausted.. mrahhh ^__^


Busy Busy!

So it finally feels like summer has started- and I have been sooo busy! I'm sorry that I haven't really updated anything for a while,but I was at the Fusion Festival for the last week so I didn't have my computer! I went on Wednesday night and met Jakob and our whole group there and then we came back Monday afternoon. It was a crazy, exhausting couple of days. It was really fun but also really hot and I was sick after the first day :( but it wasn't so bad, just a little overheated and I had a cold. I don't have any pictures from the festival unfortunately because I didn't bring my camera. But if you search "Fusion Festical 2012" in Youtube then you will see where I was ^___^ I was also there last year!

Tomorrow morning I am getting on the plane to Sweden, and then I won't be back until Friday the 13th. I still haven't decided if I will take my laptop (I don't even know if I would have internet), so I might be completely absent from here until then.. but I will defintely take tons and tons of pictures! I'm so excited to go there and see the horses especially. But I'm also a little scared of being without my Kuba for so long.. Mrauu.

Well I hope your summer has been going well so far!