I am leaving to visit my family & friends in Minneapolis on Saturday. I can't believe it is so soon.. it's been almost two years but it's gone by so fast! I am so excited to see everyone, and there's going to be so much to do! I am going to the Renaissance Festival the day after I arrive, and I have tons of other plans already.. oooh and I will finally get the laptop that I ordered! ^^ I promise to take tons of pictures!

Here is a picture from Vogue Fashion's Night Out in Berlin from the beginning of September, Lea and I just now managed to get it scanned ^^ It's a polaroid, we got it taken at Zara! It was such a fun night, with sooo much free champagne! I will definitely go again next year.

And here is a picture from an old photoshoot that I hadn't seen before, I really like it though. The picture was taken by http://photohead.de/

So, next time you hear from me I'll be in the USA! 


Birthday & Wishes

Last Thursday, the 20th, was my 20th birthday! I didn't do very much for it, I got some very nice presents from Jakob's parents (Pattern Magic 1 & 2, eeep!), and then Jakob and I had sushi for dinner. We are going to Ikea this week to pick out some things that I need for my sewing/work room, that is my other present ^^

Here is a beautiful "kalter Hund" that Jakob's dad made for my birthday:

And of course I will get to celebrate my birthday a little more next weekend, when I fly to Minneapolis to visit my family for the first time since I've moved to Berlin! It's been almost two years, I can't believe it.

So that is all very exciting.

I've been browsing the internet a lot today and I found a lot of things that I really love, so I thought I would share some of them with you! There are lots more on my Wishlist board on Pinterest ^__^

Layer boot | Weekday            Knit top combi dress: Navy
Free People Hawthorne Legging, $38.00   Printed Longline Bra- free people
Spike pony bag [Ver6733] - $60 : Pixie Market, Fashion-Super-Market  Metallic horse tee [Thc2038] - $31 : Pixie Market, Fashion-Super-Market

Shoes- Cheap Monday, Dress- Olive Cothing, 
Leggings & Bra- Free People, Purse & Top- Pixie Market





Clockwise from the top left: Carl Bengtsson, 

Scout Paré-Phillips, Augustin Teboul, Unknown