I'm back from Paris, so it's time to start the Paris trip posts ^___^

The first day we arrived at the hotel, got settled in, and since it took quite a while we didn't manage to really do anything in the day except walk around a little and buy some food to keep in our room. In the evening we decided that we wanted to do something since we didn't really do much during the day, so we went to the Gareth Pugh afterparty at Le Carmen and we actually got in although it was a private invitatation-only party ^^ I guess we just looked like the right kind of people. Le Carmen is a gorgeous place, I'm so happy we got to go there! And there were free drinks :) I have to say though, the music was pretty lame...haha. But I guess I am just spoiled by living in Berlin.

I unfortunately didn't get pictures of all of my outfits, so I can't really do a day 1, day 2, etc kind of thing. But here is one of my outfits! Since it was so cold for the first 4 days I basically looked like this the whole time while outside..

Coat- c/o Nowistyle, bag- c/o Nowistyle, shoes- Vagabond


  1. Nice style. I like your blog. Would you like to follow each other?

    Please have a look and let me know!


  2. Everytime you wear that coat I'm reminded of how jealous I am that you got such perfect gift <3
    Hope you're having fun in Paris!