Photoshoot. Blah.
Photos by Andreas Schimanski.


I'm sorry I haven't posted in a little while.. I was hoping to get so much done this last weekend, but instead I got sick and I haven't been able to do anything! I fortunately got sick after my photoshoot on Saturday though. It went pretty well I think. It was lots of fun at least, and I hope the pictures turned out well ^^ As soon as I get them I will upload my favorites here :)

So besides being sick I've been thinking a lot about things that I want to make and sell, things I want to do with my blog, future trips, etc... I've been thinking that it would be cool to do a giveaway. But not a normal one (ok I guess I don't really know what a "normal" giveaway is really) but I was thinking I could collect a few things (like some clothes, jewelry, music, movies, or cosmetics, etc) that I really love myself, and then I could give one of my readers a special surprise package! What do you think? If I did a giveaway what would you want to receive? Keep in mind I'm poor so I obviously won't be spending too much, but I think I could still manage to get a few nice things.


This is an outfit I made for Aritzia's Tag Team feature!
I think it was a really cool idea and I'm excited to see the next bloggers!

Here you can see the feature:

I don't normally wear such bright colors, but I'm super happy with how this look turned out. It's the best when you try new things and you end up liking the result!


What should I write about?
I don't know..
I feel very boring at the moment.
I guess I will write a little about school.

Since the semester just started it's been very laid-back, which is nice ^^ and in 1.5 weeks we already have winter break! During winter break I swear I'm going to start selling stuff. Here you can see my store (I'm sure I will change it about a million times before I actually start selling stuff): 

Please feel free to tell me what you think of the store layout/design!

After the winter break school will get a little more intense, and we are also going on our class trip to Paris Fashion Week at the end of February :) So that's one exciting thing! I've never been to Paris, and even though I've never been particularly interested in it, I'm sure it will be a lot of fun, and it's always good to visit a new place.


It's been so cold lately.
As soon as I get home from school all I want to do is bundle up and stay in bed where it's warm..

I have been feeling a little weird, and having weird dreams, and not sleeping so well..
I think I need to see the sun ^^
Once again, it's been grey all the time..


 Shorts- Mink Pink, Shoes- Ebay, Top- ?

What do you think of these shorts I just got? I really really love the fabric. I haven't ever owned shorts like this but I like them a lot! They are perfect winter shorts. You can't really see in the pictures, but they glitter a little bit too :3 eep!

Just messing around in photoshop again. Woop.

I have new boots from Ebay! .. originally from the H&M Dragon Tattoo collection. Have I said before how much I am obsessed with Ebay? I buy about 80% of everything from Ebay. It's the best. If you have time & patience you can find the most amazing things for so cheap! And it's perfect for me because I love buying stuff used and cheap, but I am honestly just terrible at shopping at thrift stores. For some reason I have pretty terrible luck at thrift stores. But anyway, Ebay is awesome.

I finally have some time since Fashion Week is over, so I'm going to take lots of pictures and do lots of blogging over the weekend! 



Today I went to my first real fashion show everrr o___o it was pretty cool, there were lots of stylish people there (and lots of people who thought they were stylish), free sekt, bright lights, and the show of course. We went to the show by Irina Schrotter, and it was really good I thought! Of course I love black so that was a plus for me. I really liked the striped semi-sheer fabric, but she also used a lot of neoprene which I didn't like sooo much. The music was really cool and so were the SHOES! They were the best part I think.

I might be going to one last Fashion Week party tonight, but there's a fairly good chance I won't. Either way, this fashion week was really cool for me since I've never really had anything to do with a fashion week event before.. I'm so happy that I got to see one of the shows :3


Last night Lea and I went to the opening of the Degenerotika showroom! They had the most delicious champagne and the clothes (and the rooms) were gorgeous! I have to say, "grown up goth" is pretty much my favorite thing...ever. Sorry the writing part of my posts has been so boring lately, waaahh I'm just so tired!


Today my class went to the Premium International Fashion Trade Show.
It was absolutely insane, and I have to say I don't really feel like I need to go to a convention..ever..again. Tooooo many people.
But we saw lots of cool things, and it was a good experiance to have for a future fashion designer I suppose ^^


Some drawings from today, I tried to transfer the techniques I discovered using ink to drawing with multiliners. I have to say I definitely prefer the ink! It just looks so much more natural and effortless.

Today was the first day of Berlin Fashion week. There are a few events that I am going to over the next few days, so I will probably be posting about those a lot. I am even going to one of the fashion shows on Friday, I was lucky enough to get one of the 20 tickets that my school had available! I'm very excited to go to my first fashion show! The other events I'm planning on going to are just a few opening parties/collection viewing type things. I can't wait to get to know the Berlin fashion design scene a little better. I will definitely be taking lots of photos ;) 


Ink drawings from today.
I was surprised how much I liked working with ink. I used to use a pen and ink a lot for drawings but I hadn't in such a long time.. but I think I will be using it regularly in my Stellungszeichnen class from now on. I really love the hair I did especially.. that's a style that I've loved for a long time and I am only now figuring out how to do it properly ^^ Another thing I really like is the shoes on the first drawing. I did that tie-dye effect by using watered down ink and then pure ink over it while it was still wet. I will definitely be using that technique a lot, I really love how it looks.
Hope you like :3