Shortalls- vintage, bracelet and necklace- made by me, boots- Ebay

I bought these amazing short-alls at Garage, an amazing vintage/thrift store in Schöneberg, in Berlin. I really love them, they fit me perfectly and they are just so cute! :3 They are like a cross between lederhosen and Levi's. Yees.

I have so much to do in the next couple of days before I leave for Paris.. I will try to keep up with blogging but I'm not sure how that will go ^__^ While I am in Paris I will probably be most active on my Instagram, and then when I get home I will do a bunch of blog posts about the trip! There's no way I will have enough time to blog while in Paris, there is too much to see!

If you have any suggestions for places that I should try to see while in Paris please leave a comment! I am pretty much clueless, I'm guessing we will spend a lot of time trying to get into fashion shows, looking at boutiques, going to cafes, etc, but I would like to see some special things that you can only see in Paris!

I also wanted to say, thank you so much if you fanned me on Lookbook! Woo 1,001 fans! Well, too bad I didn't get it when there were exactly 1,000 ^___^


Scarf- c/o Nowistyle, dress- Free People

This is my attempt at getting into a spring feeling.
In Berlin it's so weird because it's not really clear when it's winter and when it's spring. In Minnesota it goes from multiple feet of snow to slush and then you know. But here it's just slowly..slowly.. not really doing anything. 


Sweater- c/o Nowistyle, belt- made by me

Well, this is my last look in my little "favorite Nowistyle items" series of outfits. This one is featuring the lovely sweater! Before this look I actually hadn't ever tried wearing this sweater with a belt.. but I really like it with the one I made. Yay for new outfit discoveries!

I really liked doing this little favorite items thing.. so maybe in a few months I will do this again with some other things! Do you think that's a good idea?


Scarf- c/o Nowistyle, Coat- c/o Nowistyle, Bag- c/o Nowistyle

This look is featuring two of my favorite Nowistyle items, the oversize coat and the leather bag!
I've pretty much looked like this outside every day since I received these items. They are just perfect for me.

DIY Leather Spike Cuff

I just made this in about 5 minutes.. I wanted to try out using the spikes.
I have always really liked spike studs but the whole stud trend has kinda ruined them for me.. but oh well someday the trend will be over. 

I am still working on the harness that I started but I think it might be a while before I finish it.. I really need to get a proper leather cutting tool and some glue.

Skirt- c/o Nowistyle, Belt- made by me

This is my second look featuring one of my favorite Nowistyle items- the skater skirt!


Dress- c/o Nowistyle, leather belt- made by me, Shoes- Ebay

Jakob took these pictures for me. I really like the last two.. I think he will have to take pictures for me more often! ^___^

So this is my first outfit post featuring one of my favorite Nowistyle items.. and my finished leather belt! I know it's not too fancy but it's very useful and I think it looks quite good. I still can't decide if I should put spikes on it though... opinions?


DIY Leather Wrap Belt

Here is the belt I made! Its just a few strips of leather scraps sewn together, and it can be closed with a snap. Since it's so long it can also be used for other things... it looks cool wrapped around a leg, around the neck, etc. It's very versatile!

This is my second leather project and I'm so excited to make more things.. I just received a bunch of supplies that I ordered, so as soon as I have time I will be doing more projects. I'm looking forward to the easter break, I think that will be the perfect opportunity to try out tons of my ideas.

I thought I would do a post featuring my favorite pieces that I have received from Nowistyle!
So here it is.
Over the next couple of days (or maybe I will go crazy and post everything today and tomorrow o__o) I will post outfits featuring these items!
My top 5 favorite things that I have received from Nowistyle:

5. Stretch Skater-Skirt
I love this skirt because it is so versatile! It goes with pretty much every top that I own. It's the perfect shade of grey, looks really good on its own or with a belt, and I think it is something that everyone should own because it looks super good but it is also so easy to wear!

4. Shoulder Cut-out Dress
This dress is really cool, I haven't seen many dresses like it. The shoulder cut-outs are really flattering and it makes my boobs like gigantic (this could be a good thing or a bad thing depending on what you want your boobs to look like.. haha).. and of course I love grey!

3. Perfect Beige Sweater
I love this sweater. It is so perfect. I wear it way too much. The end!

2. Charcoal Sweater-material Coat
This coat is really comfy and warm, it is oversized in a perfect way so that it still looks super flattering. I love the way the fabric falls. You can wear it opened or closed and either way looks really good!

1. Leather Bag with Dark Silver Accents
I am so picky about bags, so it's pretty amazing if I find one that I really like. I already mentioned how much I love this bag in another post so I won't go on and on!


Photos by Nina

We had fun ^__^
I like doing photoshoots like this- just for fun, experimenting a little..
I think the pictures turned out quite nice!