Happy Easter!

I have been quite lazy with blogging lately, I'm sorry!
I will try to make it up to you in my second week of spring break ^__^

For now though, I just wanted to say happy easter!
Here are our lovely easter baskets (and a cat who is very interested in the ribbons).
And of course the easter bread, which is a German easter tradition!

Also in case you didn't know, it's Isabel's birthday! I love her a lot so you should know that it's her birthday.



 photo _MG_4965_zps3b072e12.jpg

 photo _MG_4909_zpsa47683b5.jpg
 photo _MG_4983_zps202c80a8.jpg
Top- Ebay, dress- H&M, belt- c/o Nowistyle, tights- ASOS, boots- Ebay

I made chocolate zucchini muffins! 

I really like zucchini muffins/bread/whatever. It makes me feel like I'm eating something that's not completely unhealthy, and also I just really like how they taste!

Today I have to design an outfit that I am making for a video shoot. I can't really tell you much about the project though...but I'm getting paid! Yay :3 I probably can't show you the video when it's done, but I will definitely show you the finished costume ;)



Necklace- vintage (Paris), top- c/o Nowistyle, skirt- Weekday, leggings- Oasap, shoes- Vagabond

I really like this outfit. It is quite different from what I normally wear (at least the shirt is), but I really like how it turned out! I think the leggings under the pencil skirt looks really cool, and it's perfect for when it is too cold for just tights. Which it is at the moment, sadly..

I have been quite lazy in the first few days of spring break. But yesterday Jakob and I made brownies with hazelnuts in them! Yummm. So good. Besides that I didn't get much done... But I think it's ok to have a few lazy days at the beginning of the break ^__^ 

By the way, thank you guys for all of the lovely comments! It makes me sooo happy to hear from you :)


Necklace- vintage (Paris), top- second hand (from Isabel), leggings- Oasap

This is my absolute favorite outfit at the moment. I am just so in love with the top that Isabel gave me, it is so rare that I get something that I love soooo much. It's just perfect.

Today is a clean-up day, but I also want to get a lot of outfit pictures done since it's nice and sunny at the moment. If I have time today I will work on my semester project, and then maybe I can show you what I have done so far tomorrow!

Is there anything in particular you would be interested in seeing/hearing about? (examples: more about Berlin, fashion designers, projects, shopping..blah blah blah, any ideas?)


Skirt- c/o Oasap, harness- ASOS, top- Global Village, necklace- vintage (Paris), shoes- Ebay

This is my dinner-with-the-grandparents look ^^
I think the skirt and the harness go so well together! Next time I do a look with this skirt I promise I will do something different though. I love these colors together too.. ahh red and black. It feels so perfect in winter. 

Dinner was nice, like usual.. but seriously, I am always surprised at how much alcohol German grandparents expect us to drink o__o I think I had about 6 shots of Ouzo plus a glass of sekt. And now I am very ready to sleep. 

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend, and welcome to all of my new followers ♥ Please say hi in the comments and introduce yourselves if you like, I would love to know more about you!

Dress- c/o Nowistyle, belt- vintage (Paris), necklace- vintage (Paris), shoes- Vagabond

I really like this dress that I got from Nowistyle. For me it is very important that clothes are easy to wear (comfortable, not difficult to find stuff that goes with it, etc.) and this dress is a perfect example. It's soo comfy and I think it looks quite good ^__^ 

Today Jakob and I are going to his Grandpa's birthday dinner at a Greek restaurant (we always go there for his Grandpa's and Grandma's birthdays). I'm not quite sure yet what I will wear, but I will definitely take pictures before I go. Dressing up for grandparents is actually one of my favorite things. It gives me an excuse to dress a little more "elegantly" and grown-up, and I like that. Not that this is a fancy dinner, I just personally always like to dress nicely for grandparents! I have a long pleated skirt that I bought at a vintage store here in Berlin (Garage), and I think that might be an option for today's outfit... we'll see ^__^


I will post the outfit that goes with these self-portraits tomorrow.
I've been feeling really gross and sick so it was nice to get all made-up and look pretty ^__^ The right kind of light can really make all the difference...

Cardigan- Victoria's Secret, top- gift from Isabel, necklace- vintage (Paris), shoes- Vagabond

Today the weather is so gorgeous.. and the light is just perfect for taking pictures. Unfortunately it is still quite cold and I am still sick, so I can't really go outside to enjoy it.. but I did get up and take some outfit pictures and self-portraits, the light was just too perfect to waste!

I received this top from my friend Isabel, who I love very much!
I was helping her to go through her clothes (via Skype) and I mentioned that I loved this top so she sent it to me! Isn't that nice?

I love it even more than I thought I would. It's the perfect piece of clothing.. super easy to wear, comfy, and it has such a pretty color. Thank you so much Izzy! ♥

The lipstick I am wearing is also new, I bought it at the airport on the way to Paris! It's Chanel Rouge Allure lipstick in Rouge Noir. I love the color so much.. I wore it almost every day in Paris. I had been wanting to get a nice lipstick, because all of the ones I have were hand-me-downs and I never got to pick the color myself! So now I have my special Chanel lipstick :)


I finally got around to taking pictures of the things I bought in Paris.. I love them so much. I really think I brought back the perfect souvenirs. 
Antique chandelier crystals and ...antique things from a fleamarket (I don't really know what they are)..
I think I will make jewelry out of these, I absolutely love the crystals...
Vintage Necklaces (€5 and €15 o__o)
Beautiful prints for our future kitchen ♥
Gorgeous silk fabric, it has an indescribable color.. purple/brown/grey, it's just magical!
And it's transparent.. T_T wahh could it be any more beautiful! I have no idea what I will do with it, but I will definitely save it until I have the perfect idea. 


What do you like to bring home from a trip to another place?

Oh, and also.. I received my Shakuhachi shorts in the mail (the ones I bought from Koshka with the giveaway money) and they are AMAZING. I am so in love with them. They fit me perfectly, both size-wise and the style and everything. I'm so happy :D I can't wait to wear them every day in summer!